• Grepolis Brand new event: Pandora's Box

    From October 18th, 10am server time until November 7th at midnight you can uncover the origin of Pandora’s Box and help the Priestess fend off the evil powers that emerge from it. Send out your troops on a deadly mission to capture the Spirits and be rewarded for your heroic sacrifices.

  • Grepolis Update to version 2.150

    The new game version 2.150 is live on beta, as always, step by step! Let us know on the forum any feedback you'd like to share with us!

  • Grepolis Incantation Circle 2017

    Gruesome times are nearing Grepolis! From September 28th until October 7th, you can demonstrate your fearsome abilities and perform grisly incantations to earn fantastic rewards.


Hall of Fame

  • Hall of Fame
  • The Hall of Fame lists the best players and alliances from each game world. Only those who master their warfare prowess, and have a well thought out, strategic approach to fight their enemies will be able to claim their place in the Hall of Fame.

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